WebGL-powered features for the Maps JavaScript API

Your world isn’t flat, and now your map isn’t either. With the Maps JavaScript API you can create next generation mapping experiences for the web using WebGL-accelerated features and the same performant, client-side rendered vector map you know from Google Maps.

Tilt and Rotation (beta)

Manually and programmatically control up to 67.5 degrees of tilt and full 360 degree rotation to create immersive user interactions, and bring Google Map’s oblique 3D building models into your apps for the first time.

WebGL Overlay View (beta)

Use the rendering power of the GPU on client devices to place 2D and 3D objects directly on the basemap. WebGL Overlay View gives you direct hooks into the WebGL rendering context of the vector basemap, allowing you to create mapping experiences never before possible.

Get Started

Learn more in the Maps JavaScript API documentation, or get started with our WebGL codelab.